Unleash the Power of Real-Time Data

Our adhoc reporting platform empowers you to create and customize reports based on your specific needs.

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Discover Insights Your Way

Leveraging the robust capabilities of Google's Looker, this platform offers a highly intuitive interface for designing reports on any dataset within our repository. Instead of relying on predefined templates, you have the freedom to define your data parameters, apply filters, and determine the visual presentation that best suits your requirements.

automatic dispatch

Streamline Your Data Sharing

The platform facilitates the automatic dispatch of these reports via email or FTP, streamlining your data sharing processes. This bespoke reporting system, coupled with the ability to craft personalized dashboards, positions our platform as a powerful tool in your business intelligence arsenal.

Real-time reporting

Uninterrupted System Performance

To ensure optimal performance, reporting runs reports against a real-time copy of the primary database. This approach guarantees that running even the largest reports will not impact system performance.