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We help MVNOs of all sizes improve processes by powering billing and backoffice operations.
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For over two decades, BeQuick has built quality solutions for the Telecommunications industry. We are 100% focused on the cellular market and it shows. Our platform was designed for mobile service providers from the ground up.


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Our values drive our growth and success

Our company culture is the bedrock of our success, constituted by mutual respect, a genuine passion for customer success, honesty, meticulous attention to detail, and unwavering reliability.

Mutual Success

At BeQuick, we believe that every voice matters and deserves to be heard. We foster an environment that promotes dignity and respect for all.

Passion for Customer Success

Our commitment goes beyond delivering products; we strive to understand and cater to our customers' unique needs, putting their progress at the center of our operations.


We uphold a culture of integrity, standing by our promises and maintaining transparency in our communication with all stakeholders.

Attention to Detail

Our meticulousness is key to our pursuit of excellence. We ensure that even the smallest details of our products and services meet the highest standards of quality.


We are committed to being a dependable partner for our customers, delivering reliable solutions and services they can trust.


Our culture fuels our innovative spirit, allowing us to continually redefine the boundaries of what's possible and set ourselves apart in our industry.

our history

Over 20 Years of Experience

BeQuick is born

The story of BeQuick begins in 2002, marked by its founding in South Florida by the Biganski and McIntosh families. Initially, BeQuick built software for Competitive Local Exchange Carriers (CLECs) and general telecom providers. The early years of BeQuick were a very lean operation comprised of fewer than five individuals.

Team expansion

The small, grassroots team expanded its team and customer list slowly but steadily. Prioritizing quality over quantity, the client-centric approach nurtured strong, lasting relationships, which proved instrumental in BeQuick's steady and organic expansion.

Pivot to MVNOs

Recognizing a unique opportunity in the wireless sector, the company shifted its focus in 2011 toward the Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) space. This strategic pivot allowed BeQuick to concentrate its resources and expertise on offering superior solutions for MVNOs, becoming a trusted vendor in this space.

Banyan acquires BeQuick

The acquisition by Banyan Software in 2022 signaled a new chapter in BeQuick's story, bringing along several strategic advantages. Banyan's extensive industry insights and network of business contacts offer new opportunities for BeQuick to continue its journey toward becoming an even stronger provider of MVNO solutions.

our history

Over 20 Years of Experience