Digital Connectivity and Accessibility For All

At BeQuick, we deeply understand the importance of digital accessibility and connectivity in our current age. We are proud to provide robust support for the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) and Lifeline, aimed at facilitating affordable internet services for eligible households.

Through ACP and Lifeline, cost-effective broadband services and devices are within the reach of more families, aiding in education, work, and essential daily activities.

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Pioneering Digital Inclusivity

Our Commitment to the ACP and Lifeline

BeQuick was among the first companies to recognize and actively support both the Lifeline and Affordable Connectivity Programs. This early adoption allowed us to contribute significantly to the early success of these initiatives, providing much-needed digital resources to communities that needed them the most. Our early support has only deepened over time as we continue to innovate and advocate for more inclusive digital policies.


Simple, Seamless, and Swift Services

Our state-of-the-art, user-friendly enrollment portal is designed to seamlessly validate ACP subscribers with the national verifier. With an emphasis on simplicity and efficiency, our portal streamlines the process, ensuring applicants can verify their eligibility for the ACP quickly and easily. This commitment to accessibility and inclusivity, coupled with our secure and efficient processes helps MVNOs bridge digital gaps, one household at a time.

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Upholding Program Integrity

At BeQuick, we understand that adherence to the set guidelines and regulations is crucial in ensuring the program's success and, more importantly, in delivering the promised benefits to eligible households. We have developed stringent internal protocols that maintain the integrity of our participation in the ACP. Regular audits, thorough record-keeping, and continuous staff training are part of our compliance strategy. At BeQuick, we consider compliance not as just a legal obligation, but a testament to our dedication to the cause of universal digital connectivity.

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Dedication to NALA and Digital Inclusion

Our involvement with the National Lifeline Association (NALA) further underscores our commitment to universal digital accessibility. As long-time members, we collaborate closely with other industry leaders to amplify the program's impact and address any issues that emerge in the course of distribution and compliance. We are committed to delivering our first-rate services and doing all that we can to ensure the program's success.

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