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Stopping MVNO revenue leakage

Posted by Jennifer Shin on Jan 27, 2016 8:30:00 AM

Lost revenue continues to be a major challenge for many MVNOs, with the industry experiencing an average 5-15 percent revenue leakage. Having the right revenue management system in place can put a stop to it, fast.

The key to robust revenue management is having a fully-integrated, scalable, built-for-mobile BSS/OSS platform that can deliver a seamless, end-to-end IT infrastructure that aligns subscriber-facing services with back-office processes. This enables MVNOs to develop and implement a comprehensive and effective strategy to address the many factors that contribute to revenue leakage. It’s critical for MVNOs to institute well-disciplined processes that trigger simple BSS interactions to ensure best-in-class revenue management for minimal loss.

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eCommerce just got easier for MVNOs

Posted by Jennifer Shin on Dec 17, 2014 8:44:00 AM

eCommerce and mobile are two markets that were made for each other. Last year alone, consumers bought over $1.5 trillion of stuff with their mobile devices. While the ability to shop from the comfort of your own home and have purchases show up on your doorstep has been a dream come true to many people, it got even better when consumers could shop virtually from anywhere using a mobile device such as a smart phone or tablet.

For mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs), eCommerce provides two major benefits – an increase in subscriber usage and an opportunity to reduce distribution costs by more cost-efficient distribution of mobile products without relying upon physical retail outlets.

If you’re an MVNO taking a serious look at eCommerce, here are some things you should be aware of:

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IoT and business management trends likely to have significant impact on the future of mobile

Posted by Jennifer Shin on Jun 19, 2014 9:52:56 PM

Many MVNOs find that their strongest market lies in enterprise mobile users. The growing adoption of smartphones and tablets in the workplace is leading companies to invest in lower-cost, high-quality coverage for their employees in order to keep expenses low. Even with BYOD strategies, employers often pay a stipend for their worker's service, so investing in more affordable solutions from smaller, local carriers has significant appeal.

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Sprint contract changes wireless strategy across country

Posted by Jennifer Shin on Jun 18, 2014 12:38:06 AM

Sprint revealed more than a dozen LTE roaming deals with rural MVNOs, following up on the strategy it announced earlier in 2014. This provides the carrier with a stronger LTE footprint across the nation, though not quite on the scale of its larger competitor, Verizon.

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As EU and S Korea team up for 5G network, the technology itself is questioned

Posted by Jennifer Shin on Jun 17, 2014 12:36:52 AM

More nations are looking to take the next evolutionary step up from 4G LTE and continue improving mobile network speeds, but some say that more time needs to be spent defining 5G service.

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Push to Wi-Fi improving cellular networks

Posted by Jennifer Shin on Jun 4, 2014 12:07:56 AM

The growth of mobile activity has had a profound impact on cellular networks, both good and bad, but a new focus on Wi-Fi offloading is helping to save them. According to RCR Wireless, Wi-Fi offloading rose by 875 percent in 2013 alone, and is expected to continue a rapid growth rate as more consumers buy smartphones and tablets and use them on LTE networks.

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Spectrum, network infrastructure remain challenges for consumer mobile data demand

Posted by Jennifer Shin on May 20, 2014 1:11:44 AM

Mobile data consumption is still steadily rising and the greatest obstacle that operators face when trying to deliver on customer expectations is their own networks. According to RCR Wireless, the finite nature of spectrum and wireless infrastructure is hurting some MVNOs, affecting price points and causing dissatisfied customers in the long run.

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Broadening LTE coverage a win for MVNOs

Posted by Jennifer Shin on May 19, 2014 12:17:49 AM

Expanding 4G LTE coverage and strengthening their networks is a critical step forward for MVNOs. Cricket Wireless recently launched its own 4G LTE network initiative, and other smaller operators will need to follow suit in order to remain competitive.

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FCC 600 MHz auction rules set to avoid problems from last event

Posted by Jennifer Shin on May 16, 2014 12:44:06 AM

The FCC has outlined rules for its upcoming 600 MHz spectrum auction, with apparent design to avoid issues that occurred during the agency's 700 MHz auction earlier in the year. According to RCR Wireless, the licenses will be sold in 5x5 MHz segments, with a total of 10 MHz chunks per license. This strategy should put sales in favor of MVNOs and smaller carriers, while larger operators were looking for 10x10 segments more favorable to LTE deployments. The 5x5 MHz chunks are preferred for partial economic area strategies.

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Balance customer experience with innovation for true growth

Posted by Jennifer Shin on May 9, 2014 1:16:39 AM

Innovation is what drives growth, but for mobile operators solely focused on innovation, the wrong steps forward can lead to poor customer experience, resulting more steps backward. The key is to balance innovative processes with customer experience to ensure optimization all around.

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