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Streamlining the Billing Process for the MVNO and the Subscriber

Posted by Jennifer Shin on Mar 11, 2015 10:17:56 AM

Nothing is more critical for subscriber retention than streamlined billing solutions for MVNOs. But billing for MVNOs is not at all like billing for traditional wired or mobile network operators. MVNOs, because they’re virtual, often have much greater flexibility in their offerings – mixing and matching voice, data, content, and multi-play packages to meet market demand and create unique brand identities.

In fact, the rapid proliferation of revenue resources for MVNOs – things such as applications, third-party services, and content – present unparalleled opportunities to expand their subscriber bases and profits. But they also present potential revenue and billing pitfalls in the form of rating and charging issues, fraud, bill shock and, ultimately, subscriber leakage and churn. So what’s an MVNO to do? Streamline the billing process as much as possible to benefit back office operations and the subscriber. 

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MVNOs and Taxes: What you need to know

Posted by Jennifer Shin on Nov 25, 2014 8:45:00 AM

Regulatory fees and taxes can represent a substantial financial responsibility for mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs). It’s important for mobile services providers to fully understand the local, state, and federal tax laws that can affect them, especially because the IRS and the FCC as well as many states have broad and sometimes different definitions for the terms “communications” and “telecommunications.” In general, though, MVNOs are defined as Commercial Mobile Radio Services (CMRS) even if they simply resell services from facilities-based CMRS providers and don’t actually own any facilities of their own.

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Social media new key resource for mobile billing

Posted by Jennifer Shin on Jun 16, 2014 12:16:20 AM

Connecting BSS software to social media is opening up new opportunities for MVNOs. Carriers are recognizing a potential for customer service and improved consumer experiences through social channels, RCR Wireless reported.

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Leverage billing to improve customer experience

Posted by Jennifer Shin on Jun 6, 2014 12:36:49 AM

Billing is rarely a consumer's favorite part of a service, but with the right BSS software and optimization of customer-facing service, MVNOs can help their clients get more out of invoices and statements.

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Inertia leading cause of customer retention for mobile operators

Posted by Jennifer Shin on May 14, 2014 12:55:54 AM

As MVNOs consider their budgets and the best way to attract and retain customers, a new survey indicates that retention may be an area that providers can save on. According to WDS's annual Mobile Loyalty Audit, 2014, a mere 16 percent of customers believe there are loyalty rewards for staying with their mobile carrier, while the vast majority only stay with the same provider because switching is inconvenient, they don't see a difference between operators, they fear losing coverage or they simply don't have a reason to change.

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Social payments a strong trend

Posted by Jennifer Shin on May 8, 2014 1:27:28 AM

Social Payments Media is a fast growing trend, despite relative obscurity. For MVNOs, it may be the next big thing to help attract customers and optimize service offers though.

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Billing operations experiencing constant change

Posted by Jennifer Shin on Apr 23, 2014 4:57:41 AM

In the world of mobile and wireless billing, change is one of the only constants that MVNOs can expect. According to Billing & OSS World, this change is what drives the need to modernize BSS software and maintain flexible, scalable workflows - but it is also important to focus on these areas in order to drive the customer service quality that will show consumers the operator cares about them.

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New payments methods important in mobile industry's future

Posted by Jennifer Shin on Apr 21, 2014 4:00:38 AM

IDC Financial Insight's recent 2014 Consumer Payments Survey points out that billing and BSS software is an important focus for mobile operators this year, particularly regarding new payment methods. According to the report, 70 percent of consumers prefer using online bill payment solutions, while 37.2 percent enjoy mobile payment options. Mobile solutions are expected to continue a modest growth rate directly impacting online bill payment numbers.

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Verizon also updates pricing

Posted by Jennifer Shin on Apr 8, 2014 4:48:01 AM

Verizon has once again updated its pricing options in order to keep up with changes the other major four MNOs are making. According to RCR Wireless, the changes may indicate that the nation's leading cellular provider is starting to feel the pressure from the less costly offerings of its competitors.

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Real-time BSS essential for mobile growth

Posted by Jennifer Shin on Mar 19, 2014 4:46:44 AM

As more MVNOs seek to leverage LTE services and provide the best offerings to customers, the need for real-time BSS software support becomes more apparent.

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