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WiFi Offloading: What does it mean to an MVNO?

Posted by Jennifer Shin on May 6, 2016 9:00:00 AM

WiFi offloading enables mobile subscribers to utilize free WiFi hotspots to send and receive data. For MVNOs that can mean reduced data revenues -- but it also eases bandwidth demand to keep speeds up and subscribers happy. So what does it all mean? 

First, a little history. The relatively recent and rapid proliferation of smart devices made the use of wireless networks instead of cellular service for data transmission a very real and viable option for mobile subscribers. Increased subscriber interest in a WiFi option caused an increased mobile network operator concern about potentially significant revenue losses. MNOs feared that if subscribers opted primarily for WiFi instead of cell service to access all their mobile apps and data, data plan revenue would take a hit, and with growing VoIP popularity even voice traffic could be at risk.

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