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Top 3 things to consider with building an MVNO: Part 2 - Value

Posted by Jennifer Shin on Dec 27, 2016 8:45:00 AM

Top 3 things to consider with building an MVNO- Part 2 - ValueThis last of a three part series where we have been sharing with you the top three things MVNOs should considered when building out their business.

With the differing opinions on what the nuts and bolts of building an MVNO consist of, it is all a matter of perspective. And as we did in Part 1: Niche, our unique perspective will be based on BeQuick's years of focused experience as an industry leading MVNE's and our point of view.

These are the three basic elements to create a successful foundation: Niche, Value & Reach.

Now, in part 2, we are going to discuss Value.



WHAT is special about the service you are offering?

Consumers want to get the most for what a product is worth and each consumer has their own version of what that is, known as perceived value. This is why it is so important to know who your target audience, or niche and to stand out in such a challenging market.

After you have identified your niche, you need to craft your value proposition.

HOW do you position your services that explain what benefit you provide, to whom, and how you do it uniquely well.

This is really important and we could have almost titled this entire series “Why Your Value Proposition is the Key to Your MVNO Success”.

Let’s look at some examples of value offerings that may spur some ideas for you to enhance yours.

Ultra Mobile offers a savings value proposition, a better deal because calls to 50 countries are included free, an offering that resonates with their target market.


Patriot Mobile helps their subscribers feel closer to a brand or cause through identification. 

Stream allows customers to buy into a multi-level business opportunity.


Kajeet offers special controls over usage or advanced calling functionality attracts subscribers with unique needs.

Kajeet Technology

To be truly compelling, your VALUE must be:

Hard To Replicate Hard to Replicate

Easy To Communicate Easy to Communicate

Meaningful To Your Target Meaningful to Your Target Market

So when it comes time to craft your value proposition, remember these tips; it should be hard to replicate, easy to communicate, and meaningful to your target market. 


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