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BSS and OSS: What are they and where is the technology headed?

Posted by Jennifer Shin on Nov 18, 2015 8:30:00 AM


BSS and OSS: What are they and where is the technology headed?The rising demand for convergent billing services, enhanced CEM, and the general growth of the mobile market worldwide is driving next-generation BSS/OSS technology. But what exactly makes up BSS and OSS?  

Simply put, business support systems, or BSS, is the software and processes necessary for what is commonly called the “back office” to function. This is the part of a mobile service provider responsible for ensuring that the business functions properly and is profitable. For an MVNO, BSS functionality includes such tasks as managing rating, orders, products, billing, fraud, and customer relations, as well as providing revenue assurance and business intelligence. In short, it’s everything that faces the customer.

Operation support systems, or OSS, on the other hand, is everything network-oriented – network design, configuration, and monitoring; fault management; infrastructure security; and service fulfillment, quality, and assurance. With the rapid growth of mobile data service being driven by 4G LTE technology, OSS these days is all about ensuring service quality, reliability, and assurance.

The increasingly data-centric mobile market is, in turn, driving the desire on the part of MVNOs for a single platform BSS/OSS solution that can easily support all their business and operational processes and products. Savvy, customer-oriented MVNOs realize that seamlessly integrating multiple, often disparate, systems is crucial for gaining an end-to-end picture of subscriber activities. This level of systems integration -- what the industry calls “convergence” -- enables MVNOs to deliver real-time operational flexibility while reducing costs and increasing subscriber delight. In fact, convergence is gaining popularity so quickly, the convergence software and services market is expected to grow to $3.9 billion globally by 2016 – a compound annual growth rate of a little more than 27 percent over the past five years.

Utilizing a convergent BSS/OSS platform such as BeQuick Cloud BSS/OSS for Mobile has added advantages, such as enabling MVNOs to reduce infrastructure complexity and bring down CapEx and OpEx. Convergence makes product and subscriber management easier and improves rating, billing and charging with real-time capabilities. With the growth spurt of 4G-related data services, BSS/OSS convergence provides MVNOs with the ability to process growing numbers of event data records and support single-invoice billing while providing unified, end-to-end subscriber- and service-level views.

Providing improved CEM and next-gen mobile subscriber care is a key factor behind the popularity of convergent BSS/OSS platforms. The name of the game for the foreseeable future is convergence and a comprehensive, powerful, flexible, cloud-based BSS/OSS platform such as BeQuick delivers it.

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