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Leverage billing to improve customer experience

Posted by Jennifer Shin on Jun 6, 2014 12:36:49 AM

Billing is rarely a consumer's favorite part of a service, but with the right BSS software and optimization of customer-facing service, MVNOs can help their clients get more out of invoices and statements.

According to Billing & OSS World, the key to helping customers "almost" enjoy billing is communication. Especially during new customer launches, a variety of unexpected and unannounced charges on their first statement can set the tone for future interactions and quickly disillusion a customer toward a provider. The news source pointed out that the first 90 days of a new subscription are the most important, as this is when customer loyalty is established. Bill shock during this three month period can be disastrous.

By implementing higher-quality OSS/BSS solutions, MVNOs can minimize the risks of bill shock, open up data to customers and ensure that all charges and information points on an invoice are clear and understandable. By optimizing billing statements in this way, providers offer their clients a better experience, but also a faster one - consumers spend less time looking over a bill, resulting in prompter payments and smoother service all around.

Topics: Wireless Billing, BSS Software