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Service quality major customer complaint

Posted by Jennifer Shin on Apr 3, 2014 3:05:16 AM

The largest complaint that consumers are having with their mobile service provider is the quality of customer service. According to the latest survey from Contact Solutions, the overwhelming majority of mobile customers feel their service needs aren't being met, focused on length of time for resolutions and having to use antiquated channels to contact support.

The study also found that many consumers prefer to use a mobile app for customer support needs - but their provider doesn't offer this channel for support. Furthermore, the majority of complaints focused on the inability to start and stop a support communication at will, being unable to work around the customer's schedule, rather than the contact center's.

"The data in this survey doesn't lie - consumers are fundamentally unhappy with the state of customer service, especially when it comes to their mobile service interactions," Michael Boustridge, CEO of Contact Solutions, noted. "The first line of defense against customer complaints is your contact center, and to start meeting the needs of customers, companies must develop a strategy that effectively meets the needs of consumers, while also providing them with a positive, interactive engagement with the brand."

Investing in improved BSS software can help mobile operators optimize their billing practices, setting a firm start toward the improvement of service and support. Further deployment of high-quality OSS software can enhance operations around customer service needs and ensure that changes are being met with full support of operations.

As the mobile industry continues to evolve around powerful technology and network service, customer service has to meet new levels of expectations from consumers and optimize the mobile experience in accordance with the capabilities of devices. Only then will operators be able to maximize their potential in the current market.

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