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GSMA Intelligence resource to help MVNOs improve service

Posted by Jennifer Shin on Jun 14, 2013 6:57:54 AM

Data analytics can be a powerful tool in any industry, and for MVNOs it could help establish a stronger timeline of mobile markets and the key metrics that are affecting consumer choices today. The GSMA recently launched a free analytics resource, named GSMA Intelligence, to help operators embrace this opportunity and improve their service offerings.

According to IntoMobile, GSMA Intelligence is free to use, and provides operators with a timeline to track trends and the overall evolution of the mobile industry across the globe, or can be subscribed to for more thorough datasets and reports and extended features. Using this information, providers will be able to make smarter, more informed decisions regarding billing needs, service plans and investments into OSS/BSS software.

With reports from high-quality analytics solutions in hand, companies will be able to ensure they are meeting consumer expectations, or purchase the right OSS software to begin meeting those demands sooner. These resources optimize workflow and establish a stronger standard to check progress and improvements against. Optimally, companies will be able to enhance operations and reduce their overhead spending with the right investment.

Topics: OSS Software, Wireless Operations